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Soligo Concrete Constructions

Concrete Construction Contractors Sydney

Soligo Concrete Constructions Pty Limited is a well established family owned and operated business in Sydney which has been involved in the construction industry for over 35 years.

It began in concrete placement and finishing, and has now grown into a diverse and well structured provider in its field. Its reputation as one of the best concrete contractors in Sydney is not just an outcome of the extensive experience. Strong working relationships with our clients and tradesmen have made us seasoned contractors who know all the facets of a construction job.

Working in Sydney and the surrounding areas, Soligo are highly skilled and extremely reputable Concrete Contractors. We also specialise in concrete construction and repairs for commercial, civil and domestic projects.

An example of the variety of jobs our extremely experienced team can perform is:

  • Concrete construction- concrete drains, concrete piers and footings, etc.
  • Civil construction- concrete pits, driveways, pathways, roadway extensions, spoon drains, etc.
  • Building- concrete slabs, steel bollards, concrete foundations, etc.

Our Mission

"Our first and foremost objective is to provide outstanding quality, both in our workmanship and our service. We have a very strong relationship with all our clients and service providers, which demonstrates to us that we are achieving this goal with continuity."


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