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concrete . civil . building . constructions

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Customised Civil Commercial Construction Designs In Sydney

Our team of experts at Soligo Concrete Constructions are specialised in all areas of:
Commercial and Industrial concrete,
civil, building and construction

You can depend on our team to provide the following services:

  • Concrete cutting
  • Excavation
  • Kerbing & guttering
  • Bunker Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Bollards
  • Box Drains
  • pathways
  • Full project management
  • Advice on design ideas
  • customised to your industry
  • and much more………..

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  • Kerbing and Guttering

    Kerbing and Guttering

    Soligo services Sydney kerb and guttering requirements, with creation of edge, raised pavement walkways or footpaths, road medians and gutters as a trough or duct which collects rainwater and diverts it away from existing roadways

  • Roadways


    Sydney Soligo roadway is a concrete road constructed, reconstructed or replaced in industrial, commercial or major, suburban roads (and trafficable with a minimum of 4 hours drive-over time)

  • Steel Bunker Walls

    Steel Bunker Walls

    Sydney Soligo steel bunker is a steel structure fixed to the ground which acts as containment area which can bare the weight of a front end loader, and withstand the impact of a front end loader

  • Refurbishments


    Sydney Soligo refurbishment is the process of improving broken, damaged or outdated concrete or structure

  • Ramps


    Sydney Soligo ramp is an even surface which elevates to an angle and is used for vehicular, machinery or foot traffic

  • Hardstands


    Sydney Soligo constructs durable concrete hardstand to facilitate storage areas for products, and withstand heavy vehicles which need to be parked for significant periods of time. Where Heavy vehicles are parked on areas of unpaved compacted earth over extended periods of time, this can cause damage and sinking in the soil

  • Extensions


    Sydney Soligo extension constructions for existing maintenance, workshops, office blocks and amenities

  • Concrete Bunker Walls

    Concrete Bunker Walls

    Sydney Soligo bunker is a concrete structure used for waste material which can be strong enough to bare the weight and withstand the impact of a front end loader

  • Box Drains

    Box Drains

    Sydney Soligo box drain is constructed with a galvanised grate and frame to collect water or liquids for industrial applications such as roadways, around machines and wash bays

  • Bollards


    Steel Bollards Sydney Soligo bollard is a short vertical post used nearby to a variety of structures to control or direct traffic. Call the professionals in Sydney at Soligo.

  • Blockworks


    Sydney Soligo blockwork is a common building material used for the load-bearing or non-load bearing walls to buildings for various purposes such as fire-rated or separation walls

  • Trenches


    Sydney Soligo trench construction is a long, narrow excavation or depression in the ground that is generally deeper than it is wide